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Dry Monsoon Season Led to Several Local Fires Featured

Some local fires are still being managed. 
The dry monsoon season resulted in several fires in the Prescott area this summer. According to the National Weather Service in Flagstaff, Prescott only received 54-57% of the normal rainfall for the monsoon season. Rain measured at the Prescott airport was the 13th driest since 1948.

That meant a lot of smoke was visible in the skies between the months of July - September. Fortunately, although a few communities had to evacuate briefly, nobody was seriously injured, structures were saved and, in some cases, the fire was managed to actually benefit forest health. 
All that being said, this is a great opportunity to take stock of your property and consider whether it needs some maintenance on defensible space. Defensible space is the best way to protect your home, property and loved ones in the event of a major fire.
Here’s a list of the recent fires and their current status: 
Started: July 14
Location: 16 miles south of Prescott, on the Bradshaw Ranger District. 
Size: 7,512 Acres. 
Closures lifted as of October 1.
Started: August 5
Location: Approximately 25 miles Northwest of Prescott, near Camp Wood,
Size: 21,510 acres. 
Closures extended until October 24.
Started: August 6
Location: 13 miles northwest of Prescott near Rancho Diamante. 
Size: 1,173 acres. 
No current closures.
Started: September 17
Location: Granite Basin area North of Prescott. 
Size: 210 acres
NO residents or structures were threatened, Yavapai campground and some trails closed temporarily, but now reopened. 
Started: September 22
Location: 8 miles south of Prescott, AZ; 
Size: 166 acres
Lower Wolf Creek Campground will remain closed for the season.
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Last modified on Tuesday, 01 October 2019 20:33
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