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Online Sticker Company in Prescott Builds Pride One Decal At A Time Featured

By Custom Sticker Makers | Partner Content December 01, 2015 1237

Prescott Volleyball Team Builds Teamwork & Raises Funds

If you played sports in high school, you know that after being selected as a part of the team, one of the most exciting things was getting your own number. You took pride in your number and may have even flipped open the Sunday sports section of your local paper each week, hoping to see it printed in the featured article for the game of the week.

Times are changing, and most youngsters are now looking for their names & numbers printed in online news stories (like Prescott eNews), instead of leafing through a physical newspaper. It’s clear though, that the pride of having your own number and being a part of a team is still prevalent and the ways that players are showing their pride has evolved from letter jackets and newspaper articles to printed media, such as custom decals.

Prescott High School Chooses To Use Local Sticker Company

At the beginning of the 2015 season, the Prescott High School Girls Volleyball Booster Club reached out to local sticker and graphic design company, Custom Sticker Makers, for help in creating truly customized decals for the Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity volleyball teams.

School Booster Club Uses Custom Player Decals to Raise Money

The booster club didn’t have their own designs, so they enlisted the help from the graphic designers at Custom Sticker Makers who created a variety of unique designs for the players and parents to choose from. What makes the decals so unique? Each individual decal was able to include the individual player number, which made the decals truly customized for each player and their families.

When asked why the booster club chose Custom Sticker Makers, they replied "When the Booster Club representatives made the decision to have personal sports/athletes stickers made up we immediately thought of looking online. After discussing the matter further we felt it would be in everyone's best interest if we could find a locally owned and operated company to order from, keeping our money within our own community instead of sending it elsewhere. We spoke with several providers and ultimately decided to go with CSM. Erin McManus seemed excited at the prospect of doing business with us and provided excellent service. CSM provided us with a varied selection of style and type of product to choose from, which afforded several choices for the team members to order from. We were promised both reasonable cost and timely delivery regardless of which product choices we made, and that is exactly what we got, reasonable costs and great service and follow through. We anticipate using CSM again and would recommend them without hesitation."

If you are looking for a fun, inexpensive and truly customized way to promote your team, business or event, be sure to contact the folks at Custom Sticker Makers in Prescott. They can help you with ideas on how you can utilize custom stickers for virtually any type of application. You will be supporting a locally owned small business, and are sure to get one-on-one, professional, creative and friendly service each and every time you order.

Custom Sticker Makers can be reached at 928-420-0674 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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